Friday, July 13, 2007

NHL 'Ice Bowl' Game may be Played in February

It looks like NBC is thinking twice about televising an outdoor NHL game against the college football bowl games on New Year's Day. They are probably right. It would be embarrassing for the league and NBC to schedule a much-hyped outdoor game on New Year's Day, only to have the ratings show that nobody watched it. The game may now be moved to February 17, when there will not be as much sports competition.

from Rob Rossi of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Penguins and Buffalo Sabres could be played Feb. 17, 2008, rather than New Year's Day. The Penguins are scheduled to play twice in Buffalo this season, once Jan. 1 and again Feb. 17.

Each game is scheduled to be played at HSBC Arena and start at 1 p.m., but the Feb. 17 contest will be played on a Sunday -- an ideal slot for NBC to televise an outdoor game, given that major sporting competition would be limited to the NBA and college basketball.