Sunday, July 8, 2007

Let the Dan Patrick Countdown Begin

The countdown to the "Dan Patrick leaving ESPN" announcement on his radio show tomorrow has officially begun. There are plenty of rumors going around that Patrick will announce his departure from ESPN during his Monday radio broadcast. Various rumors have him leaving ESPN for Fox Sports, Sporting News Radio, satellite radio, or even to host The Price is Right.

On July 5th, I speculated that Patrick may leave ESPN to take over the Dom Imus show on WFAN and MSNBC. Patrick is exactly what they are looking for -- a recognizable name that can talk knowledgebly and with humor about sports, news, and pop culture. But here is another possibility: Dan Patrick flees to the flegdling Versus network to immediately become their most recognizable name and host a daily SportCenter-esque show. Sound crazy? Well, actually it has been done before by Patrick's good friend Keith Olberman, who once left ESPN for Fox Sports to host his own daily sports news show. (Which was trounced by SportsCenter.)

One interesting fact, reported by Sports Business Radio, is that the ratings of Patrick's radio show trail those of ESPN's other primary radio properties, Mike & Mike in the morning and "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd.