Monday, July 9, 2007

Dan Patrick Announces He is Leaving ESPN

Dan Patrick has just officially announced he is leaving ESPN on August 17th. He did not elaborate on why he is leaving, or where he will be going to. He did say that he will be a "free agent", suggesting that he has not yet agreed to take another position.

The one hint Patrick dropped was that he "hopes to remain in radio." This would seem to rule out Fox Sports as a possible destination. The most likely possibilities now include Sporting News Radio and, as I previously speculated, the old Don Imus radio show on WFAN and MSNBC.

I think today's announcement supports the Don Imus theory. If Patrick was to take over the high profile Dom Imus show, his new bosses would not want him to announce it on rival ESPN radio. They would want to hold their own press conference to gain as much publicity as possible. Similarly, his current bosses at ESPN would not want him to promote his new show on ESPN radio.