Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Breaking News: NHL "Ice Bowl" Update - Crosby's Opponent Revealed

Earlier today I wrote about the NHL planning an outdoor game on New Year's Day in 2008. According to sources, the Penguins would be the visiting team in the game, which would be hosted by either the Red Wings or Sabres.

Well, the NHL just released its 2007-2008 schedule at 2:00pm today. Taking a quick look at the games scheduled for January 1, I see that the Penguins are playing the Sabres at 1:00pm EST.

So, although this has not been officialy announced by the NHL, it looks like the 2008 New Year's Day "Ice Bowl" will feature the Penguins and Sidney Crosby versus the Buffalo Sabres on NBC.


Jekka75 said...

What a boring schedule again. Same teams are playing the same teams over and over and over again and again. I guess this will be another year when I won't watch any games but 1 or two games live. And I used to have season tickets in good old days.
Let’s see Dallas is playing 8 (4 home and 4 away) games against each of the following teams: Coyotes, Ducks, Kings and Sharks. That is almost 40 % of all games against 4 teams?! It is the same as last year. Who wants to see same teams over and over again? However they don`t have any games against Atlanta, Capitals, Florida, Tampa Bay or Washington. Also there are no home games against NJ, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, and Pittsburg. This means that leaving in Dallas I don`t have a chance to watch 10 teams out of possible 29 (I don count Dallas), which is 35% of the NHL teams! Makes about no sense to me and proves again and again that the league only cares about its owners’ pockets but not true fans. They don`t understand if they take care of the fans, fans will take care of their pockets. The way things are going; NHL will have 2 teams playing each other all season long – half season in one city, half in the other. That way they can minimize travel expenses.

Anonymous said...

hey jekka do you pay attention to hockey at all. its called a division heavy schedule and while it might be bad for people down in dallas its great for teams in the north east. buffalo toronto ottawa montreal are some of the best rivals and its great watching these teams play each other 8 times a piece. but dont worry there is talk that the schedule format will change in the next couple years, so maybe you will get your wish