Saturday, July 7, 2007

News Flash - A-Rod is no Jeter

Last night Alex Rodriguez hit his 493rd career home run, tying him with Lou Gehrig for 22nd on the all-time list. After the game, a reporter informed Rodriguez that he just tied Gehrig. A-Rod's response: an apathetic, "Cool."

Cool? Rodriguez sounded as if he couldn't care less that he just tied a Yankee legend. If Derek Jeter was in the same situation, I can guarantee that his answer would be along the lines of, "It's an honor to even be mentioned in the same sentence as Lou Gehrig."

Yet another reason why, depsite the incredible numbers Rodriguez puts up, Yankee fans have never warmed up to this guy.


Anonymous said...

Dont care what numbers AROD puts up,he will always be a selfish player,just cannot find anyway to like the guy,and every team he's been on has been glad to offload him

Anonymous said...

You certainly have a lot to say about the Yankees as opposed to other major league teams. You must really like them.

Everything But the Game said...

It's a love/hate relationship. (Mostly the latter!)