Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dan Patrick to Leave ESPN?

from Michael David Smith at's Fanhouse

Greenstein reports that a source said there is a "90 percent chance" that Dan Patrick will announce his farewell during his Thursday radio show. Although Patrick won't host The Price is Right, he has been rumored to have a number of other options, ranging from sports to news to entertainment.

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Earlier, I commented that WFAN and MSNBC would have to bring back Dom Imus if they could not replace him with "a Bob Costas." Well, what about a Dan Patrick? If Dan Patrick really does leave ESPN today, as is being reported, let me be the first to guess that he will be Dom Imus' replacement. Patrick is the perfect choice, in that he can talk knowledgeably about sports, news, and entertainment, has a great sense of humor, and already has a huge fan base that he can bring with him.