Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Freddy Adu To Leave MLS

Just as the MLS gained one star player, they are losing another. The Washington Post is reporting that Adu is leaving the MLS to play in Portugal. Adu never lived up to the high expectations of becoming the first truly great American soccer player. He joined the league as a 14 year old, and was never able to handle the tremendous amount of pressure that was put on him.

Freddy was also to blame at times, often acting his age, pouting or quitting in games due to frustration. Perhaps he was too young.

Perhaps he was too young? He was 14! The MLS handled his career terribly, and is at least partly to blame for not being able to develop his talents further.


Matt said...

um, Adu isn't "American born," he was born in Ghana.

Squeezy said...

He was 14, how could he handle with the pressure of being compared with Pelé?

But is he became in the player that the media make of him?

greetings from Portugal.

Everything But the Game said...

Matt, you are correct. The word "born" should not have been there. I have made the correction. Thank you.