Monday, July 16, 2007

A Deeper Look at the NHL Schedule

On The Forecheck, a terrific NHL blog, has created a very interesting spreadsheet of the 2007-08 NHL schedule. The spreadsheet, of course, includes columns containing the names of the teams that are playing. But added in are columns for distance from the previous game, opponent's winning percentage, opponent's power play %, and more.

So how can you use this? Checking out who has the furthest to travel for games on consecutive nights is a start. That honor goes to the Vancouver Canucks, who play at Edmonton on November 20, then have to fly 1,090 miles to play the Wild in Minnesota the next evening. You can summarize and sort the teams based on greatest and least travel. Who's going to face the toughest defensive teams on the road this year? Whose goalie is going to see the most rubber flying his way? How do the divisions compare?