Thursday, June 28, 2007

Congress: NFL Should Improve Benefits

from Jesse J. Holland of the Associated Press

Aging NFL retirees told Congress Tuesday that playing professional football left them with broken bodies, brain damage and empty bank accounts. Lawmakers said they may get involved if a better pension and disability system isn't created.

Former NFL players told a sympathetic House Judiciary subcommittee tales of multiple surgeries, dementia and homelessness, all while trying to fight through the red tape of the National Football League and the NFL Players Association's disability system.

The league and the players association said pensions are improving and there's no need for Congress to step in.

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The NFL Players Association should be embarrased. Football players suffer more injuries, and have shorter life expectancies than those in any other major sport. Yet the NFLPA is not taking care of players once they retire. Its bad enough that the NFL doesn't have guaranteed contracts, but when hall of fame players are literally dying homeless, something has to be done. The stars of the NFL have to take accountability and get this fixed.